Fall colors

Fall colors
Trees in Simpson Plaza, UW Campus - Oct 11, 2013 (photo: Ramesh Sivanpillai)


Remote Sensing Applications in Agriculture

Satellite Data

Linking satellite data, weather shock and price of food -- Q&A with NASA's Dr. Molly Brown (YouTube Video) June 3, 2014

Science for a Hungry World -- NASA Goddard (YouTube Video) Sep 23, 2009.

Private Companies

Mention of company names is for illustrate how remotely sensed data are used in agriculture and does NOT constitute endorsement of their products or services. 

News and events from rest of the world

Farming the smart way: Australian farmers are using technology to work smarter and increase productivity -- Rebecca Merrett (Source: CIO - Australia) 6 November 2013

Drones land in Spain's agriculture (Source: The FreshPlaza) 11 May 2013

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